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Data loss and downtime can be extremely costly to businesses of all sizes. According to a 2017 global IBM study, the average consolidated total cost of a data breach was $2.51 million in 2017. The study also reports that data breaches cost companies an average of $139 per compromised record. Want to find out more or get started?

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Modena360 Backup Solutions

As many businesses learn the hard way, every day, it’s quite common to be just one technology fault away from disaster. Research repeatedly indicates that too many businesses are using costly and outdated backup solutions, and are inadequately prepared for disaster.

To maintain continuity and be ready for any situation, thorough IT planning is critical. This involves having both a reliable data backup process in place, as well as a disaster recovery solution.

By entrusting Modena360 to take care of your backup and disaster recovery on your behalf, you get the confidence of knowing that your valuable data is secure, protected and easily restored whenever you need it.

What Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery options are there?

Modena360 has partnered with market-leading vendors to ensure we are providing the best possible options for your business. Before recommending any solution, we work closely with you to understand your IT environment, business drivers, current capabilities, limitations and budget.

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